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National Switchgears introduce our-selves as a manufacturer and supplier of overhead transmission line material like GANG OPERATED AIR BREAK SWITCH, DROPOUT FUSE AND OPERATING ROD for Dropout fuse.

Our experience in this line is more than 27 years. We are dealing in HT & L.T. Porcelain Insulators, Transmission line material and sub-station equipment, overhead line Material. Lightning Arrester. Fuse Elements, Galvanized Hardware, Stay set, Rubber Hand-Gloves, Rubber Sheet, A.C.S.R. Conductor etc..


We deal in


  • Now manufacturing 11 KV and 33 KV Polymer / Composite Insulators, GOAB Switch and Drop Out Fuse

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ELECRMA-2014 Certificate of Participation
ELECRMA 2014 Certificate