About Us

We introduce our-selves as a supplier of overhead transmission line-material like GANG OPERATED AIR BREAK SWITCH, DROPOUT FUSE  AND OPERATING ROD for Dropout fuse.

Our experience in this line is more than 27 years. We are dealing in HT & L.T. Porcelain Insulators, Transmission line material and sub-station equipment, overhead line Material. Lightning Arrester. Fuse Elements, Galvanized Hardware, Stay set, Rubber Hand-Gloves, Rubber Sheet, A.C.S.R. Conductor etc..

The venture is backed up by our business with Government, Semi Government and other corporate organization for last 27 years.


We Deal In:


  • Now manufacturing 11 KV and 33 KV Polymer / Composite Insulators, GOAB Switch and Drop Out Fuse

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