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High Voltage Insulator


The purpose of the insulator or insulation is to insulate the electrically charged part of any equipment or machine from another charged part or uncharged metal part. At lower utilization voltage the insulation also completely covers the live conductor and acts as a barrier and keeps the live conductors unreachable from human being or animals. In case of the high voltage overhead transmission and distribution the transmission towers or poles support the lines, and Insulators are used to insulate the live conductor from the transmission towers. The insulators used in transmission and distribution system are also required to carry large tensional or compressive load.
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What is Disc Insulators ?

Disc Insulators

Disc Insulators

National Switchgears are engaged in offering a wide range of Disc Insulators (T&C type and B&S type) that provide a cost effective solution for low and medium polluted environments. These high on performance disc insulators are manufactured by using high grade raw material. These disc insulators are known in overseas market as they are mainly used for transmission as well as distribution lines. We ensure safe and hassle free delivery of these products.
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Disc Insulator

Disc Insulators

Disc Insulators

11KV 45Kn or 70Kn or 90Kn Disc insulator available in brown vitreous porcelain with malleable cast iron fittings.

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