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High Voltage Insulator


The purpose of the insulator or insulation is to insulate the electrically charged part of any equipment or machine from another charged part or uncharged metal part. At lower utilization voltage the insulation also completely covers the live conductor and acts as a barrier and keeps the live conductors unreachable from human being or animals. In case of the high voltage overhead transmission and distribution the transmission towers or poles support the lines, and Insulators are used to insulate the live conductor from the transmission towers. The insulators used in transmission and distribution system are also required to carry large tensional or compressive load.
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Composite insulators have

Composite insulators have

Early years of the insulator used for telegraph poles, with the development of technology, and slowly developed in the high-pressure wire to connect one end of the tower hung a lot of disk-shaped insulator, which is to increase the creepage distance, usually made ​​of glass or ceramic , called insulators. Insulator in the overhead transmission line plays two fundamental roles, namely, support wires and prevent current back to the ground, these two roles must be guaranteed, insulators should not be due to environmental conditions and electrical load changes caused by various electrical and mechanical stress and failure, otherwise the insulator does not have a significant effect, it will damage the whole line use and operational life.

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